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Explore With Cloud Scouts

Venture into a vibrant community to unlock new skills, connect with like-minded Scouts, and embark on an epic journey of personal and professional growth. Cloud Scouts is not just a community; it's an adventure!

Collaborative Events

Dive into our hands-on virtual experiences and master the ins and outs of communities. Our collaborative events are designed to inspire curiosity and empower you to excel in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Join Cloud Scouts Troops

Level up your experience by participating in our unique dynamic governance structure. Get involved in decision-making, contribute your expertise, and help shape the future of our community.

Earn Merit Badges & Celebrate Your Achievements

Show off your progress and accomplishments with our exclusive merit badges. Collect them as you explore new subjects, learn new skills, and make a lasting impact on the Cloud Scouts community.

Education & Community Building

We harness the power of AI to create cutting-edge educational content and facilitate experiments. AI-driven tools and resources help maximize the potential of every member, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling experience for all.

Hands-On Exploration

Virtual Learning Adventures

At Cloud Scouts, we believe in the power of experiential learning. Virtual spaces provide us the perfect environment to engage in hands-on activities, collaborate with fellow scouts, and learn from experts in the community space. Get ready to immerse yourself in exciting, interactive experiences that will propel your personal and professional growth.

Earn Merit Badges through Real-World Experiences

Our merit badges aren't just digital collectibles; they represent your achievements and the skills you've acquired throughout your journey. As you participate in our hands-on virtual learning experiences, you'll have the opportunity to earn these unique credentials, showcasing your dedication, growth, and mastery of new concepts.

Collaborative and Engaging Learning Environments

Our virtual spaces are designed to foster collaboration and connection, ensuring you never feel alone on your learning journey. Work alongside fellow Scouts, share your insights, and receive valuable feedback as you navigate the challenges and triumphs of web3 together.

Unlock New Opportunities and Expand Your Horizions

By participating in our hands-on learning experiences, you'll not only earn merit badges but also unlock new opportunities for personal and professional growth. From networking with industry leaders to collaborating on cutting-edge projects, your adventures at Cloud Scouts will open doors you never knew existed.

Riley Blackwell, Founder

Riley has been creating inclusive and vibrant online communities for over a decade. After a career in engineering, she found the web3 communities we know and love today.

She is passionate about creating online spaces that explore how we collectively provide visibility and distribution of care for our global neighbors.

She loves suspense, science fiction, and cyberpunk films. Her favorite color is lavender, and she collects pink and sparkly art.


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